Your Wednesday midday North Korean weirdness

June 8, 2010

Steve at Pax Parabellum says this is a North Korean tourism video (as does the original poster at YouTube). I’m not so sure (Would Kim Jong-Il be my host? Eww…), but it does have a catchy beat:

It’s a 24-by-7 party in old NoKo, y’know?

Meanwhile, Pyongyang adds another item to the “Are they trying to commit national suicide?” list, this time by ticking off their sole protectors:

North Korean border guard ‘shoots three Chinese dead’

China says a North Korean border guard shot and killed three people near the countries’ border last week.

A fourth person was reportedly injured in the incident near the north-eastern border town of Dandong.

China has made a formal complaint to North Korea, a spokesman for the Chinese foreign ministry said.

The two countries are considered to be close allies and Beijing rarely makes any public criticism of its isolated neighbour.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang told a regular news conference in Beijing that the four residents of Dandong, in Liaoning province, had been shot “on suspicion of crossing the border for trade activities”.

“China attaches great importance to that and has immediately raised a solemn representation with the DPRK,” he said, using North Korea’s full name (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea).

Right. So, you’re North Korea and you know that a) China supplies 90% of your energy needs and b) is the only thing keeping your loony bin of a nation afloat. You’ve already caused them a major headache by sinking a naval vessel belonging to South Korea, so, what do you do?

Easy! You just gun down some of their citizens, too!*

It’s Bedlam, and the worst psychos are in charge.

*(Wouldn’t it have been easier to arrest and deport them? I’m just sayin’…)

(via The Jawa Report)