Weekend off

May 30, 2015

hammock nap day off

Didn’t have time to post yesterday, and this weekend has turned into a busy, albeit thankfully productive one. So, I’m declaring a “weekend blog holiday.” Enjoy the late spring weather, folks, and, if you need some reading material, check out the fine sites in the sidebar on the right.

Normal service will resume Monday. smiley cool hey babe

Yes, he really said that

August 28, 2009

White House Deputy Press Secretary Bill Burton tried to make a funny when talking about President Obama’s plans to go to Camp David after a week at Martha’s Vineyard:

Obama will head to Camp David on Wednesday, Sept. 2, and stay through the weekend, White House spokesman Bill Burton told reporters in a Thursday briefing.

Joking that it may have been “wishful thinking” to suggest Obama’s current trip out of Washington would coincide with a news-free week, Burton quipped that the president needs a “break from his vacation.”

Quite the comedian, eh? Don’t get me wrong: I don’t begrudge Presidents time away from the White House. It’s a very stressful job, and they never really escape it. But then Burton kept going and showed why he should have a lounge act in Vegas:

On Monday, Burton pointed to former President George W. Bush’s vacation habits to defend scattered criticism of Obama’s August schedule.

“As I recall, the previous president [took] quite a bit of vacation himself, and I don’t think anyone bemoaned that,” Burton said.

William Jacobson takes notice and says “Oh, really?

Funny guy, that Mr. Burton.

Exit, stage right! Running, even….

August 10, 2009

That’s it, I’m outta here! I’m off for a week’s vacation to magical, mystical Indianapolis to attend the GenCon game convention (Yes, I am a geek.  Blushing ) and commune with the Indianapolis Artsgarden.  (Which, as anyone who has seen it and watched anime can tell you, is secretly a giant robot left by an ancient race to defend the Earth. Really. Stop looking at me like that.) I’ll be back next Monday night.

Public Secrets won’t lie fallow, however. The inimitable Sister Toldjah has kindly agreed to fill in for me with the occasional post, just to keep things hopping round here.  Her blog is one of the top stops in the Right-o-sphere, and I’m truly happy to have her here as a pinch-hitter. Thanks, ST!  Big Grin